Shower Stud Ballsy Dong Pure Skin Vibrating Dildo Waterproof Pink 5 Inch

Shower Stud Ballsy Dong Pure Skin Vibrating Dildo Waterproof Pink 5 Inch

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- Powerful multi-speed vibrations
- Ultra life-like Pure Skin material
- Sturdy suction cup base with easy lift tab
- Sturdy suction cup base with easy lift tab
- TPR (massager) ABS (cap) Phthalate-Free PVC (suction cup)
- 2 AA Batteries Required (Not Included)

5" x 1.75"/12.75 cm x 4.5 cm

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Feels so, so, so good

My boyfriend has a long penis, but it isn't particularly wide and beefy. Sometimes a women needs that ultimate stretchy feeling when getting ridiculously horny. The material is great, the size is perfect for me and the way i can stick it to the floor or wall of my shower is lots of fun. The suction cup never comes off either.

Anonymous - January 29 2015

Great fulfilling ride

Love everything about this vibrating dong. The material is awesome, the vibes are amazing and the suction cup makes for a whole bunch of different angles to penetrate oneself in.

Anonymous - January 28 2015

Totally true

It's true, once you go black you never go back. Don't have to pretend being with a black dude anymore, this one makes me feel like i've been with one already

Anonymous - January 8 2015

Wife's never been happier

My wife is a petite, little babe who likes to have her vagina stretched once in a while. Since i can't provide that for her, i got her this nice sized, vibrating dildo. She couldn't wait to try it and absolutely loved it after having,,, according to her a breath taking, forever lasting orgasm. Being stretched out after using this sexy toy a lot, i'm going to invest in a penis sleeve so i can join in, in all the sex fun she's having.

Anonymous - October 18 2014

we're both in love

my boyfriend is intrigued by fantasizing about me getting nailed by a huge, black dick. Since that's not gonna happen anytime soon, i got this black 5 inch, vibrating dong instead. I put it in the middle of the bedroom floor and had him watch me ride this big, black beauty for a good fifteen minutes. Both very happy with this solution

Anonymous - October 18 2014

Unbelievable amount of sex fun

my husband got this one for me to use when he's out of town on business. Checked it out in the shower and never had so much sex fun in my life before. Rode it like a wild bull on steroids. When my husband got home and i showed him, he told me he hope he didn't make a big mistake getting me this awesome vibrator. He's worried about me liking it more than him.

Anonymous - October 18 2014

My big black thing

I almost fainted when my husband handed me this huge black thing and play with. I'm only 5'2" and 110 lbs and just couldn't imagine that dildo in my pussy. I told him to be the one to try to push it in... he's stronger than me. He lubed it up real good, and after a few minutes he said the whole shaft had disappeared into my vagina. That stretching, completely fulfilling sensation was wonderful and i soon couldn't hold back my orgasm which came out like a huge crashing wave

Anonymous - October 6 2014

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